About Graphic Machines Bureau - Europe

About Graphic Machines Bureau - Europe

GMB Europe is an active company in the graphic industry, with an expertise in the packaging sector. Our main business is worldwide trading packaging and finishing machinery, new or second handed.

We represent  Asian manufacturers with well made machines, installed and tested in several European factories. We are monitoring the Asian market through our exclusive agent GMB Asia and we outsource the best and most reliable supplier for your request, custom made or no.

We provide additional services such as, machinery installation and training if needed, at Balkan Peninsula, Cyprus and Middle East.

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Recommended machines

Youbond YB 1450-1650 HS 4

 Youbond YB 1450-1650 HS

Taidou Model 1620 Lead E 4

 Taidou Model 1620 Lead E

Youbond YB 1300-1450-165 4

 Youbond YB 1300-1450-165

Taidou Model 1450 Manual 4

 Taidou Model 1450 Manual

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Graphic Machines Bureau - Europe
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