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The Asian market offers hundreds if not, thousands of machine manufacturers. Together, with our exclusive partner GMB Asia, we have sourced and verify the manufacturers we are exclusively representing in our geographical area. We are in constant communication with them for today's market requests and any individual project we are asked to handle for you.

For the lamination process we offer the full range of the Youbond machinery and for the die cutting we offer the full range of the Taidou machinery. Both of these manufacturers enjoy a respected number of successful installations around the world, upgrade and improve their products constantly and offer clever and economical solutions for the demanding market of today. 


Youbond offers a wide range of laminating machines that cover all levels from entry to high end. The semi automatic machines of today, can be later on upgraded to fully automatic without the need to replace the whole machine, only by just adding a sheet feeder that the company will provide. The fully automatic version has two different levels, the standard one with average production speeds for 5-7.000 and the servo driven high speed model, that can produce up to 12.000 sheets per hour.

Youbond also provides specially made laminator that allow 2 open flutes to be laminated, thus making the production of a 4ply sheet now, more easy then ever.
All machines come with certificate and the company is operating under ISO 9001:2000


Taidou Machinery since 2009. Located in the city of Weifang, Shandong Province.
With: 129 existing staff - workshop 20,000 square meters.
Main products are flatbed die cutting machine such as semi-automatic feeding, vacuum feeder feeding, lead edge feeding in size of 1300, 1450, 1620, with / without stripping / fully stripping. Product has been exported to USA and SPAIN.
Die cutting machine with lead edge feeder
Model 1300 / 1450 / 1620
Die cutting machines, semi automatic
Model 1300 / 1450 / 1620
* Machines can be delivered with or without stripping section.

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